Everything isn’t as daunting as it seems. I fairly enjoy using Amazon and other services that facilitate convenience. Moreover sharing data and lending a piece of ourselves to avail this benefits isn’t all dark either.

There’s Technical and digital literacy and if one is literate enough, then all this seemingly dark companies with capitalist agendas don’t seem that bad either.

Then there’s personal discipline.

Technology in itself and the convenience it causes isn’t bad on it’s own. Its the use which makes the distinction.

Different from user to user.

All this hysteria around automation, people loosing jobs, old world disappearing in the face of the new world, is simply that hysteria.

With a sound perspective on everything, anything now can actually be cultured and nourished better, faster, if we just pay attention and get ourselves better informed.

The world is your playground if you keep an open mind and seek. At soulo, we seek sound from the noise of world wisdom. Start seeking — → soulomotivation.com

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