Here are 7 ways to think like a successful person and live a fulfilled life

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My blog is about developing a success thought process. Even though the title is motivation, I only intend to provide the right motivation required by anyone to start thinking the right thoughts.

Because motivation is fleeting but when a robust thought process is in place, motivated or not a person will always take the path of progress and productive living. Will also live a happy and content life.

A successful person could be anyone irrespective of their position in life and the monetary benefits they enjoy. Someone who is satisfied with the life they are living is successful too.

Because they see a good life in every challenge which life throws at them. They might not have the loftiest of goals, but they sure indeed have the most pleasing outlook at life, cause trust me even with all the money in the world you cannot buy yourself even a little satisfaction.

So here’s how to think like a successful person and live a fulfilled life

1. A successful person is willing to stay longer outside their comfort zone

They are not comfort bound but they are progress bound. They are willing to try new things, learn continuously, learning is very uncomfortable you know that right? Practice productive habits diligently and keep coming back for more, even though they might have faced failure multiple times.

For them, more than feeling comfortable, feeling content is important. Their satisfaction sprouts from knowing that they are not letting their limitations hold them back or derail them from the path they have chosen for themselves when difficult situations arise.

They are willing to say NO! To their own comfort oriented desires, when work and valour is demanded.

Before you escape your comfort zone you face 2 types resistance, one is internal, springing forth from your own lifestyle and thought process and external resistance, which is a direct result of the opinions or judgements passed by the people around you and your peer group.

A successful person is willing to break free from their own shackles and also rise above the grip of external judgement if they believe in a cause and would love to see its fruition.

They are willing to stand alone if needed and bear the discomfort of a bad team, if the scope of unity is visible, patience and faith is their virtue at all times.

2. A successful person steers clear of instant gratification

With great effort and determination they always focus on the most important things in life. They always choose what they want the most over what they want now. Say for eg: if they want a great body or want to eat indulgently every day.

They understand that today’s sacrifice is tomorrows gain. Today’s indulgence is tomorrow’s loss.

They consciously choose between feeling satisfied at the moment for some time and feeling satisfied in the long run.

Their everyday fulfillment is nothing more than knowing, that they have done everything today in alignment with their life goals. They never feel like, they are missing out on something.

Now that simply does not mean, that they do not enjoy life at all. It simply means that they do what’s necessary at any given moment in life, when discipline and work is demanded, they do that, when play and fun is demanded they do that.

Never living a half-life. A clear understanding between work and play hours. They live both fully.

3. A successful person lives life holistically

A successful person looks at life as a whole. Everything really. Health, wealth, work, play, music, food, exploration etc. They are not bound by a box or driven by a singular agenda in life. They look at life as a big exciting puzzle which needs to fit together perfectly.

Everything adds up to their rich experiences in life. They are experience oriented rather than being positive result oriented. They will go around life looking for enchanting experiences which enrich them as a human and as a person.

They are open to changing and willing to work for something, if they find it useful and see a clear purpose in it. It’s not just about making money or attaining fame for them, it’s about how actively and beautifully they can fully enjoy life in all its dimensions.

Life as a whole is important, not just certain elements in it, which everyone is running around.

4. They are extremely empathetic

They observe and feel for everything and everyone around them. When they see a problem, they would love to solve it with personal effort and attention. They will spend time understanding the people around them and trying to help them out as well.

Same goes about the entire world. They will care for the environment, they would like to work for world peace, they would love to volunteer at places where they contribute something, they will learn and discuss important issues with their peers, trying to spread some awareness about it.

As attuned they are to their own feelings, that same understanding they bring to the table in every scenario. This makes them able leaders, as they feel for their people and are extremely ambitious, because they feel that need for change more severely than most other people.

Their empathetic emotions serve as the fuel and drives them crazy to make things happen. Because they feel so deeply about everything.

5. A successful person is willing to learn from everyone

Now it does not mean a proper show me how to do this thing kind of situation but in general they are very observant, they will even pick on qualities which they appreciate in a not so pleasant personality.

It’s all about picking the best from the rest. Subordinates or seniors, teachers or students, when they interact with anyone, they will pick on amazing qualities they appreciated in a person.

Everyday interactions with anyone at all, even someone they passed by on the street, can serve as a learning experience for them. They are very quick to observe and also won’t mind asking the person directly about how to do it.

In the most unpleasant of situations, rather than being agitated and distressed they will look around for a lesson, something they can derive value from.

For them everything and everyone is a learning experience. They will never get offended because all they care about is exploring new perspectives and understanding the world.

6. A successful person initiates a discussion rather than an argument

Great listeners and purposeful questioners. They understand this simple rule of discussion if they have initiated it, listen more, ask relevant questions and ask to understand, rather than to reinforce their own version of the truth on someone else.

Also they won’t shy away from initiating a conversation if something grabs their curiosity and attention.

They are very slow on judging and will rarely judge anyone at all. Because they ponder over questions for a long time, until a verdict is passed the convict remains innocent, even after the verdict is passed and if it’s not in the favour of the other person’s opinion, they will respect it.

Because hey! Everyone is different.

They will try to be as neutral as possible in a discussion when the other person asks their opinion, as they don’t want to smash their own reality onto the others face, plus being very cautious that they do not sound judgemental.

Because judgement is the killer of a discussion and the truth suffers at its end.

They will never back out of discussing uncomfortable truths and difficult topics until the other party is as willing to do that, without being offended, because a discussion has ended the moment someone is defending rather than placing facts.

They always strive towards finding the sweet spot of discussion.

7. A successful person is very purpose driven

They look for the meaning of it all in everything. They never do something which is not in alignment with their purpose, if they do not have a purpose yet, they will continually look for it and until then exploration is their purpose.

They will never stop exploring and learning about new things and ways of life, until they have found what they think will serve for the rest of their lives.

Growth as a purpose. A never ending journey of learning and understanding, of trying and discarding, of failing and retrying. Of Falling and getting back up again.

They will do all and everything but they will never stop trying to find their purpose and will make sure to make each day count, until the end of their time.


Being successful is a way of life. A state of mind and a state of being. You will be successful in life and do more than you previously thought was possible, if you continually defy your comfort zone and be in the favor of progress and growth as a person.

When you become the asset the world will strive over acquiring you.

Focus on becoming the best version of yourself and leave the rest to the world. Fulfill your duty/dharma and forget about the fruit. You will always be satisfied and do more in life.

Fulfilling your dharma is of the utmost importance, everything else will happen on its own accord. Do just that and you will be successful in life.

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