How to become better at life and ways to improve yourself everyday

Abhishek Kale
6 min readMar 30, 2018

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” — Maya Angelou

To be honest there is no sure fire way and a one shoe fits all approach in knowing “how to become better at life?”

As you understand a better life has an unique definition for everyone.

Before I give you my input on this, I would like to ask you

“What does a better life mean to you?”

Ponder upon that question and try to understand the reasons behind your answers.

Knowing why you are doing something is important. It’s because, it helps you make better decisions in life, by better decisions I mean, decisions which are free from dogma and support your life in a dynamic way.

Knowing your WHY motivates you from within and acts like a compass. Dynamic because you don’t have to stick to a particular lifestyle, or a way of thinking but really observing life with interest and managing it in such a way, that it let’s you pursue your personal ambition holistically.

An important step in the direction of becoming better at life

Become curious. Curiosity is the first step.

Every curiosity in life should not only be directed towards possession and material wealth. A major part of it should be focused around improving life.

For you and for the world, if at all you leave any impact on the life on our planet it should be positive. What is your thought?

If that becomes your intention, it will naturally take you away from competing for a prize which does not exist.

Curiosity will lead you to great joys and great wonders. Some of it could be uncomfortable but hey! really, if you really want to be alive as a life and experience reality in all it’s forms, certain amount of risk is undeniable.

Something in the future is not going to give you joy, become curious, find things of interests and value, learn from them, improve, experience and continue.

You are alive everyday and not only someday in the future. Design your life in such a way that it enables you to enjoy the experience of being alive.

It definitely takes time, it also does not simply end in the future. Its a never ending quest, acceptance will really enable you to enjoy it fully and therefore curiosity becomes a necessity.

Without it you only just know so much about life.

What is life for you?

The basics of improving your life

“A person's cupped hands holding a delicate pink flower” by Ester Marie Doysabas on Unsplash

Body and mind.

Soul will come later but up to the extent of your curiosity.

It takes discipline to really take care of your mind and body, it just does not change you physically but your entire personality becomes focused in way.

Becoming healthy and fit allows you take swifter and positive action actively.

Most of your routine is designed around keeping you fit and healthy.

You do definitely know how much time you are going to save like that.

Life also isn’t about saving time but here we are speaking about doing better in life, so management indeed becomes the topic of our discussion.

Remember, I said design your life. Understands its in’s and out and live so that you may enjoy your life better.

Fuller is better. And fuller should have a personal definition and not one imposed by the world.

Shun denial, accept responsibility.

You automatically take care of your mind to a certain extent by keeping yourself fit. However by learning new things, reading and trying new things practically will make your mind strong.

Every comfort lies outside your comfort.

But you ask what will it do? I don’t know but at least I am sure that it will do more than what you do by not doing it.

Find it for yourself and like I said curiosity is the first step.

So far the only fitness activity I have written about is Pranayama and its one of the essentials. Read about Pranayama here.


Nourishing your soul feels satiating like a healthy meal.

Its a pulsating feeling from within, something which signals well-being.

When you feel nourished, you can start noticing things like the brushing of wind against your skin and the soothing feeling it creates.

A zen like state of presence. You are just present and it feels beautiful.

And so we should pay attention to what makes us feel that way.

Do more of that and less of everything else.

Find time for things which nourish your soul.

It could be an activity, a fitness routine is one of them. It could be reading about it, it can also be the people you hangout with and any minor step away from negativity could also be one of them.

After Pranayama, I suggest you checkout this books,




Simple steps by which you can start improving your life one day at a time

  1. Full fill your duty every day. Your Dharma. Whatever is expected of you on a daily basis, complete it with attention and care. Once that is taken care of, what you have is peace of mind.
  2. To be able to perform your duty with as much attention and then find time for doing what you enjoy, you need energy and enthusiasm. You get it by doing the things mentioned above.
  3. Learn continuously. Find time for exploring your work and life. Learning makes you aware and awareness is the first step of any change.
  4. Every question has an answer, seek actively. Do not settle for a lump sum answer.
  5. Become disciplined. Its hard but give it a shot everyday.
  6. Now not all curiosity should be about all the serious things in life. It should also be about all the fun things in life. Don’t rush behind everything but yes! go find your new favorite music, game, movie, book, place, food and what not.
  7. It sounds corny coming from me, I feel like young people cannot say it or are hesitant about it but I think yes, one good deed a day for someone for nothing, feels superb. Try it. Even the right words at the right time could be a good deed for someone.
  8. Learn to appreciate Nature.
  9. 30 minutes a day. Commit to 30 minutes day for whatever that which you want to achieve.
  10. Develop your vision about your life. You are at Point A, what does being at point P or Z feels like?

I have an article written about Thought Process and I think it would be helpful to you in the process of developing your vision. Read it if you are curious.

You can also start doing mundane things superbly well. Like, haven’t you seen any of the dude perfect videos so far?

You got the idea right? Improve your routine efficiency. Come on! you gotta be busy any how, any way, why not make it fun and quick.


“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” — Francis of Assisi

As simple as that. This article lists what is necessary, what is possible and how you might just stumble across and do the impossible.

It all really started when you first had the desire to make your life better. Channel that desire through action and in no time you will see things improving for the better.

When this understanding develops within you, know that your life has improved.



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