Law of attraction and its smaller form “social media.” — How to make the most of them

Abhishek Kale
3 min readApr 24, 2018


When I say “social media” I mean the whole of internet in general. As social media is a more prevalent and distinct part of our lives apart from the rest of the internet, I thought of using it as a better analogy.

This idea popped up in my mind when I was chatting with my friends on a group chat.

one of my friends said, after sharing a satirical and funny meme on romance, that, “I don’t know how but Instagram keeps showing me more of this sentimental posts.”

The meme encircled a conversation with an customer service associate about how despite of claiming to be the biggest E commerce platform in the world, I cannot find a lover to order from.

To that another friend added, “The universe is signaling you.”

Upon which I added,

“The universe is not signaling you, You are actually signaling the algorithm.”

How algorithms work and how you get shown more of which you interact with is explained better in this article of mine : click bait monster of the internet

In general whatever you interact with more on the internet you get shown more of the similar content.

advertisement is shaped similarly.

Hate propagates hates, love propagates love and so on for other qualities or emotions in life.

What does the law of attraction says?

It says that whatever you focus on grows.

We radiate a certain vibration, a certain frequency which signals the universal frequency.

To make it relevant lets call it the “Universal algorithm.”

The higher you rise the better frequencies you will be attuned with. The lower you vibrate, the more vices you will attract.

As simple as that.

It’s an inner shift of attitude and a certain sense of gratitude. People say that the law barely works in real life.

That’s because we have become habitual of saying one thing, doing another and feeling completely different altogether.

Can you claim with a hand on your heart that your intentions, actions and emotions are 100% aligned together?

When all three of them are aligned, without a doubt you, yourself will create wonders out of your life. The law if at all present, will surely support you then.

God created man in his own image

His or her image does not matter. Which God does not matter but that statement and a couple of other things I got to know propounded this theory within me,

“The universe replicates itself in the biggest and the smallest of models.”

Compare an atom with its protons, neutrons and nucleus with our own solar system.

Compare our eyes with the universe itself and how either God is 1 or “shunya” 0 according to some beliefs. How he is everything and nothing and how now computers speak through the language of 0 and 1.

Practical application

A lot of you is being shaped by how you use social media this days and similarly a lot of you is shaped by how use your time, in life itself.

If the algorithm reacts to your own behavior, social or universal, why not interact with it a lot more differently?

So if you want to feel strong and powerful and don’t want to see more of the sentimental posts, on the web or in life, What should you do now?

If you can’t start moving physically because you are not motivated enough right now, the power and the zeal isn’t their, then at-least start interacting with positive and higher frequency things on the web.

Change starts with small things like that.



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