Nature is an enchantress, it’s motivating

Abhishek Kale
3 min readJun 28, 2017

Nature is an enchantress.

Beauty so mesmerizing that sometimes you feel overwhelmed,
you realize how minuscule your existence is and you wonder where do you stand in the grand scheme of things?

You are dreamy, you feel euphoric, you want to be free like the wind, glide like the clouds and expand like the horizon.

The inspiration is real. Speaking of photos this monsoon is turning out to be very fruitful.

Much great vibes to you.

The scene you see in the blog image made me feel like nothing, I was in the awe of it, my mind completely blank.
I could feel the wind touching my face, the cold making me shiver, the greenery filling my lungs with pure ecstasy.

In the image above, you can see that the clouds are touching that mountain’s peak, same was happening where I stood, I already was on a considerable height, this enormous play was towering above me and all this made me

Feel so small and amazed, I felt small but I felt free.

I remember feeling a little terrified as well, all I could do was imagine.

I wondered, what will it be like to be on top of that mountain when the clouds touched its peak?

I was thinking about its height, its depth and how overwhelming could nature be up there?

Uncharted, unreached, what will it be like to be up there?

It’s been a few days since then, I have been thinking about the whole experience, how mesmerizingly it grabbed
My entire consciousness.

Just yesterday, I decided once and for all, there will never be what if’s or how would’s from now on.

There will only be, I will and let’s see what happens, every single time.

No matter how terrified I feel, the pull towards adventure, exploration and life is far greater. What use is this life,
If we live it being scared?

If we resist the pull of life just because we are scared? We miss the chance of an adventure, just because we were
Worried, what if something goes wrong?

For how long will we be a spectator in life? When the world we live in, is itself alive, throbbing and breathing.
We live in a dynamic living system, you don’t realize it until you experience it firsthand in deep nature.

Nature is abundantly motivating, only if you let yourself completely immerse in it and visit regularly.


What will happen is not in our hands but what can happen is in our hands.

I have decided, to never back down from any challenge from now on, that life throws at me, I remember my heart beating
Fast, when I noticed all of it, it felt amazing, it felt alive.

And if to feel like that some risk is essential, I am willing to take it.

Starting today, start preparing for the greatest adventures in your life. Get fit, master your craft, dedicate yourself and
Become a part of nature, it’s dynamic, powerful and enchanting.

Get involved with life now.

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