Say no to self-respect. It does not let you focus on the things important.

Abhishek Kale
3 min readApr 6, 2018
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“The world respecting you, is the quality of the world around you.If they are that kind they will respect you. But you respecting yourself is crazy. Respect is between two people. I am asking anybody here, isn’t respect between two people? That, you respect somebody for who they are.”

Says Sadguru in the video below, which is a part of a series of videos called, “In conversation with the mystic.”

That quote is an excerpt from the talk here. If you are curious, continue reading after you are done watching the full video.

In my immediate experience in life, respect and self-respect has become a key topic.

How you treat people, how people treat you and how can we treat each other better?

Everyone is doing the best they can in their life and its amazing. Everybody is putting in effort and it needs to be appreciated.

Who doesn’t need some improvement or self-development? We all do and therefore we should inculcate a certain level of acceptance in our life.

Now you might say, that you have a high level of acceptance but the people around you clearly do not understand their boundaries.

If the boundaries are being crossed up to the extent of abuse, then definitely do take a stand for yourself but otherwise let it slide.

Think about companionship and progress.

The only two things we should really focus on.

Being peaceful and happy is progress. When you don’t mind people doing their own thing, trying to help if they need you and you, yourself focused on how you can grow personally.

Being too stuck up about who you are, what you like and what you don’t want around you and people should also acknowledge that is a lot to ask and a lot of time wasted.

Give it up if you truly wish to make progress.

If you are stuck up, then also consider that someone else is stuck up too. When the two of you want to get something done, it isn’t gonna happen.

Team work and progress. All that there is to life.

Sometimes this approach might not work in life but experience will teach you something that will.

If you are going to have fun, focus on how you can have fun and not on who does what and who says what. Become a little active too. All this requires work and you should be willing to get up.

Work humbles you. Do as much of it as possible.

At the end of your life, it will all be about how beautifully you lived and not how much people respected you.

Respect comes on its own if you focus on building something for the better.

If the world starts thinking like this, It might just become a little more safer, a lot more greener, a tad bit prosperous and welcoming everywhere.



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