That is what I was thinking about through the entirety of the article until this point.

Abstaining for a month doesn’t really have any immediate practical benefits, however it certainly affects the consumers mindset positively and a change of attitude is possible, which could lead to long-term moderation or quitting entirely.

While occasional drinking can still be on the table because quitting entirely isn’t even a necessity, if moderation and discipline is on your agenda.

If we also adhere to the old adage of “habits take 21 days to form” then definitely a lot of people will take a keen look at their lifestyle.

Also yes! the surge of energy and physical and mental soundness will very well boost anyone’s morale and motivation.

The risk of a rebound is prominent but the zeal and energy of a New Year, plus resolutions and a collective movement around it could help someone pull through without drinking for a month.

Team effort will certainly help.

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