The click bait monster of the internet: Instant gratification — Here’s how to avoid it

Abhishek Kale
10 min readDec 1, 2017

The internet has us believing that everything can be solved in 5 easy steps and you don’t even have to think “need a business idea? Here are 55.”

Inventing crazy names for things that make absolutely no sense just for the sake of making a sale and instilling the idea that “You yourself have to put in zero work for this to work, the one simple thing which you have to do is buy our product.”

This is the most redundant ideology the internet is feeding nowadays.

Everything will be done for you just pay the money, everything is easy and does not require more than 6 steps, 10 steps and so on, the crazier the number and the more audacious a claim, people are likely to believe it and fall for the trap of passive involvement.

You read the pitch, you bought into the idea and now you want to improve your life right away, this one particular product “Lose 10 kilos without exercising” is going to solve everything.

You click the buy button, the product gets downloaded on your system, you already feel positive and accomplished for buying something that will improve your life and you feel extremely gratified as things are going to change now.

You maybe try it for a day or two or at the most 3 and then the enthusiasm is drowning, the shot of dopamine was already taken when you made the purchase, it felt so worthwhile and accomplishing.

But nobody told you it’s going to take effort, time and consistency to work right?

The sales page said 100% success guaranteed but did you know if only you put in the work required?

Such is the monster of instant gratification.

So what is instant gratification?

Instant gratification is simply the desire to feel accomplished right away and right now. Avoiding short term pain and effort to feel instantly satisfied. It’s sacrificing what you want the most for what you want now.

Giving up long term success for short term pleasure. Eating some cheese loaded junk food right now feels extremely satisfying, no effort required, just pay the money and get pleasured instantly.



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