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A personal story

When adversity turns into opportunity

While I was recovering and focusing on my recovery here are 10 things I noticed, learnt and understood:

  1. Of all the things I wanted or I was worried or depressed about none came to mind while I was sick. All I wanted back was my health. I just wanted to feel strong again. All other needs and desires disappeared. All I wanted was the opportunity to hustle again with all my vigor.
  2. I remember watching a Gary Vaynerchuck video in-between all this, where he was saying, That if you are healthy, your family is healthy and you have the opportunity to hustle, then you have everything. I couldn’t agree more then and I agree with all my heart now.
  3. I got diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency. which was partially responsible for the fainting event. A B12 deficiency is likely to occur among vegetarians, I am one, as the only potent source of B12 is through animal products and so I used this time to upgrade my knowledge about nutrition.
  4. I grew a lot more empathetic within just 12 days of sickness. I just felt utterly sad for the state of people who are in hospitals from months, cannot move, cannot work, nothing. I also understood my Mom’s condition from a few months back. She used to say “Please don’t make me speak I am extremely tired” and I was like come on! you just don’t have energy to speak with me.
  5. Everything is not in our control. My life mostly fairly remains in my control. I also used to say things like, only people with unhealthy habits get frequently sick, if you get the diet, nutrition and exercise in place you are good to go. This time, when I could not keep my own brain awake and it just shutdown, this reality dawned upon me. I could not even control my own brain from shutting down, how am I going to control life itself?
  6. Continuing from the point above, If you are healthy, your family is healthy and you have the opportunity to hustle then you have everything. You don’t have to exhaust yourself in the pursuit of your ambition. The pursuit of your ambition should give you joy everyday and if that pursuit does not even let you enjoy your downtime, family time or food, what is the use of such wealth and such name?
  7. First make sure you have enough and then slowly continue towards your bigger goals while you enjoy life everyday. Friends, family, hobbies, nature and sleep.
  8. I understood nothing is more important than our joy and peace in life. If you are not peaceful or joyful today, then you are really wasting your life. Today is the day you must be happy. Tomorrow is an illusion.
  9. With such heavy influx of experiences within such a short period, I at-least got 50 more meaningful ideas for my blog and the ideas focus around genuinely helping people from the ground up. If a sick or depressed person visits my blog, they should leave with a lot more energy and hope. On that I will start working soon.
  10. Whatever happens, happens for good. Everything happens in its own time. Patience is extremely important. This is what I learned after the 2 calls I spoke about earlier did not connect. Reason being, first, The person who sent me the test was not responsible for any of it, he would have been a victim of my anger for no reason at all. Which is not good. We should try to avoid putting people at the receiving end of our aggression. Second, the client who did not pick up the phone, called me later that day to offer me more work. Which wouldn’t have happened if I had said all that I wanted to before.

Apart from the positive outlook I shared above here are 7 things you can practically do to make the positive louder:

  1. Do Pranayama
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat slowly
  4. Stay hydrated
  5. Focus on the good deliberately. Focusing on the bad is a habit we have mastered in the many years before, the habit of focusing on the good will take some time to form. Keep at it. Notice the good in your life and deliberately only think about it.
  6. Smile more often. The mind replicates what the body does and the body does what the mind believes. Use one to direct the other. Smile for no reason at all.
  7. Keep positive company. Avoid people who introduce drama into your life.




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