We all get results but our definition is a little skewed

Abhishek Kale
3 min readApr 7, 2018


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By results we usually mean some gain. Something of value which we have acquired. It could be Health, fitness, wealth, career development and relationships.

If you have not acquired any one of the above, then you have acquired nothing.

The wealth of experience, wisdom and skills which you have acquired fall under the shadow of failure.

Success and failure each has an unique definition for everybody but success as a life is something we all should strive for.

Becoming successful as a life depends on how you utilize the feedback which your actions have provided you.

Every feedback isn’t all sunshine. It could also be dark and thundering clouds.

I personally love clouds, I cherish every monsoon like its the first in my life. However, sunshine is what the world relates to most.

Results are simply the feedback for your actions.

If you think you have not gained anything, then think again.

The power of data and feedback can be comprehended by taking a look at the recent scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Digital marketeers also stand by its power.

So the way in which a marketeer utilizes your information to serve you targeted ads, develop products in demand and craft a message which suits the consumers tone, you too can do the same with your life.

Whatever you get at the end of your action, is your result. If you get what you want then congratulations. If you don’t, then look for the lesson.

A door gets closed and 2 might have opened.

There’s always one. Not a practical lesson every time but it can also be a philosophical one.

The world can be dealt with understanding and philosophy helps you understand that.

Basically you are always gaining something.

A recent result

Traffic and engagement had well declined on my personal blog. I was wondering about its direction and when most people ask me,

“Whether do you see any result of your work?” by result they mean, “Am I making any money of my blog?” I simply say, no not yet. I am still working towards it.

Interestingly I can also say otherwise. I sometimes do tell them about how I am using it as a portfolio and when people see the work I am doing, they offer me work if I meet their requirements. Which is so in most of the cases.

I have also noticed people paying no heed to the other statement. Immediate gain is what the most are focused on.

Now there’s a side which is working and then there’s a side which needs work.

So one day, when I was going through my google analytics data, I found that most of my interested readers either come from Linkedin or Medium. While all other sources of traffic were falling drastically, this two showed hope.

Instead of being worried about the fall, I immediately shifted my focus on the climb.

I found 2 new ways of promoting and continuing my work better. Which is great.

The numbers have improved a little bit in just about 5 days. This is progress and this is its result.

Pay attention to the feedback you get and then work your way around the problems to get the result expected.



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