Writers who are bloggers should keep these 5 things in mind to build a better brand and refine them periodically (sharing my experience of 3 years)

Abhishek Kale
6 min readJul 16, 2020


I started blogging almost 3 years ago.

At the time I knew that if I want to make money through blogging and build a substantial following and thought leadership in a field, I will have to pick a niche and stick to it.

And that is true, 100 percent but going beyond that there are things that you eventually need to give enough attention and build a sort of persona for your brand before catering to the buyer personas you ascertained.

Building a personable, connectable, and relatable brand basically.

Apart from writing, if you are a blogger who has not delved into the marketing part of it (You must learn to market if you want to get noticed in a loud world) then you must not be as aware of the terms buyer persona, content strategy, brand messaging and the keyword or the head term.

Additionally, I believe most of us have done a research project in the final year of their university and have formatted their research paper based on either of the widely accepted style guides, like the American Psychological Association style guide or APA style in short, where you leave margins in a certain way, cite sources in a certain way and overall write in a certain way.

So, while throughout these 3 years I have lingered around these subjects and sometimes delved deep into the 5 things I am about to tell you about, I never could put a strong finger on them.

However recently, In the 3 lockdown months since March (I hope you and the people close to you are in good health) I found some time to rework my website, get clarity on certain subjects, and figured the recipe to finally breathe life into my platform.

Don’t worry it’s just the introduction that’s long, I am putting things into context and perspective for you, the actual meat of the matter is going to be short and impactful.

The 5 things I am going to write about in this article are, Buyer Personas, Brand Messaging, Content Style Guide, Head Term, or Keyword and Finally Content Strategy.



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