You have a passion but it doesn’t make you any money. Should you still follow it?

Here is how you can follow your passion while earning a living

1. Commitment and acceptance

  1. Learning — Whatever is your passion, you need to make it your skill. You should be a master at what you do. Finding time to learn and explore is a difficult task.
  2. Figuring out a way — You will have to plan, manage and reevaluate yourself often. Whenever you fail or do not achieve enough, get the data, facts, feedback and understand what you need to make this work.
  1. Less time for leisure.
  2. Less time to socialize.
  3. Less time to indulge.
  4. Less prestige- My friend has a prestigious job according to his family but what he really enjoys doing is something else entirely.
  5. Double the work — The headline has an answer too. It says, follow your passion while you earn a living. Which simply means, double the work.
  6. Important question, are you ready for double the work?

2. Change your perspective and do it for pleasure




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Abhishek Kale

Abhishek Kale

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