You have a passion but it doesn’t make you any money. Should you still follow it?

Abhishek Kale
4 min readApr 9, 2018

Simple answer, Yes! definitely.

If you are really passionate about something then your well-being depends on it.

You should feel kind of lost or unfulfilled at the end of the day, if today was one of those days, where you could not follow your passion.

If that is your case, then I think you do not need any more clarification. Go do what you love already.

But you ask “How am I supposed to survive in a world where money evaporates like a drop of water in the dessert?”

Again the answer is simple, “Figure it out.”

Passion isn’t just something you like to do, its a burning desire within. Passion is something you cannot contain within yourself. If something is that important to you, then instead of walking away from it with your rational thought, use that same thought to figure out a middle ground.

Here is how you can follow your passion while earning a living

1. Commitment and acceptance

While I write about this, a friend of mine comes to my mind. I won’t tell you who he is or what he does but I will tell you his story.

At the time of school, college or even during his job now, he finds time to compete in various tournaments.

For as long as I know him, I have never seen him rest, say he is tired or he does not feel like training. On the contrary, I have seen him jump into action whenever he gets excited for a match, even when he is sick or injured.

Whether its raining or its scorching hot outside, he will figure out a way to train.

That is his love for what he does.

I understand that he has a demanding job and yet he finds time to train and therefore on several occasions, I have tried to motivate him in making his passion his profession.

But sadly he does not think it could become a reality. He has all sorts of rational things to hurl my way once the discussion starts going.

All rational is good and true to the person but that is where acceptance and commitment need to rise up to the occasion.

You need commitment for this 2 things:

  1. Learning — Whatever is your passion, you need to make it your skill. You should be a master at what you do. Finding time to learn and explore is a difficult task.
  2. Figuring out a way — You will have to plan, manage and reevaluate yourself often. Whenever you fail or do not achieve enough, get the data, facts, feedback and understand what you need to make this work.

You need acceptance because:

  1. Less time for leisure.
  2. Less time to socialize.
  3. Less time to indulge.
  4. Less prestige- My friend has a prestigious job according to his family but what he really enjoys doing is something else entirely.
  5. Double the work — The headline has an answer too. It says, follow your passion while you earn a living. Which simply means, double the work.
  6. Important question, are you ready for double the work?

If you are willing to bear those things, then you need focus and discipline, also a desire to consciously move out of your comfort zone.

And if that does not sound like something you would enjoy, then I think you are not speaking about your passion.

To enjoy such a grueling process, the satisfaction needs to lie in the act and not the result.

You cannot do it for money or fame.

2. Change your perspective and do it for pleasure

Think of everything in the long term. Think in terms of life. If adding your passion to the mix of things in your life, makes it even more exciting, then by all means do it.

You don’t always have to achieve something. You don’t always have to reach somewhere and if you like doing something for the sake of doing it then that’s fantastic.

Make a plan for yourself.

What will you do after coming home from work?

What do you do on your weekends, is it satisfactory?

What one small goal should you strive for and achieve in the coming months?

Do you see an opportunity to make it big?

Say, I do photography and film-making. I have not made any blockbusters or clicked an award winning photograph. I simply enjoy how both of those mediums deliver stories.

So now, while I am working on my blog, writing here on medium, looking for a stable job and doing freelance work to pay my bills, I actively make time for learning.

Apart from photography and film-making, I am also learning about illustration, graphic design and writing. My other interests include, adventure sports and fitness. Slowly but steadily, I am moving towards them.

They make my life interesting.

If you notice, all of them act like a synergy. I might not be climbing mountains or diving into oceans right now but when I am in the gym I am preparing for it.

So that is what you do. Until you face the arena prepare for it and have fun along the way.


Your life should be about living and so should your passions be about. It does not have to revolve around achievement.

If you cannot imagine yourself doing anything else but what you love, then you must consider taking a leap of faith. That also means, you are willing to work for it even while working at a job you don’t fancy so much.

Its taking responsibility and owning it up.

Even if you don’t have the opportunity now, prepare for it while you have time. Time is in plenty and time is sparse. Starting today is always a good idea.



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